Our hotel, which is situated in the area of Glycorisa of Pythagorion, municipality in Samos, has a unique view upon the enchanting green-blue Aegean. It constitutes a strictly family business and we firmly believe that the element of hospitality associated with Greece from ancestry is prevalent. Indeed, we have received the international award of the Blue Flag, an indication of high ecological status, given to beaches which adhere to excellent hygiene conditions, such as cleanness, and environmental consciousness.

The building reflects the architectural diversity of the residents of the island, whose philosophy revolved around elegance comfort as well as the projection of the incessant correlation between man and nature. Upon constructing the building, special concern has been shown towards the natural habitant, in the direction of avoiding exaggerations while preserving the architectural identity of the island. Finally the unprecedented combination of the blue waters at the Aegean with the infinite colors of nature, constitute your residence in our facilities or the foremost natural way for relaxation and recreation. It should be stressed that it is situated in a privileged area since Pythagorion is solely 3 km away, while the capital of the island, Vathi, and the port, 10 km. In fact, the airport is to be found, in 6 km distance while in 400 m is the county street which unifies Vathi with Pythagorion via shuttle buses – named KTEL – giving you access to every part of the island within a few minutes.

The hotel was named after the self-planted glycorisa, which is widely known for its therapeutic properties and is used up to present times for the production of medicine. Taking the above into consideration we are highly convinced that your residence here will be accordingly beneficial to glycorisa, for it will be the perfect care from anxiety and routine.
Furthermore you will enjoy 18 acres of infinite green vegetation consisted of  vast variety of plants whereby olive and glycorisa  is to be found.

The hotel is consisted of two buildings. The central one has 62 rooms, a reception and the breakfast room with a  magnificent  view to the blue gulf, as well as a parking site. Within a close distance to the central building there are bungalows, with close proximity to the sea. The great majority of our rooms have view to the gulf.
Our rooms are fully equipped in order to satisfy your needs during your residence, while our personnel is available 24 h/day. A terrace is available with a view to the sea, satellite TV, airconditioning, WC, refrigerator, safe within the closet and radio.

Finally, all the residents of the hotel have access to all the hotel facilities, namely to 240 m2 swimming pool and the one for children, the playground, free wi-fi in the lobby area, to breakfast and to half-board, to the Internet connection (through paying PC) as well as to the transportation of the luggage.

Our beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful and most popular of the island. Being awarded with Blue Flag, it is the ideal place for recreation.
It is excellent organized and the sand in connection with the deepless waters of the Aegean consist it the best place for endless games, for children, but it is also the perfect site for relaxation for parents and adults. Eventually umbrellas and sunbeds are always available. Our beach combines the beauty of the nature and the comforts of the modern world, with its beach bar restaurant, which is the ideal exit from the routine.
In addition, our service is available both in the restaurant and the beach, not only with big variety of juices, drinks, ice-cream and famous cocktails, but also with dishes of the greek and the international cuisine, carefully cooked from our expert personnel.

What are you waiting for?

You can find us via tour agencies, telephone, fax or from our website. Our hotel is recommended for all those who want to combine recreation with relaxation and for those who want to have ALL the above in the same place.
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